Track your Service and Family History through My HealtheVet

My HealtheVet offers online tools to help Veterans manage their health. You may be aware of some, like sending a secure message or refilling prescriptions online, but here are two you might not have seen:

Military History Journals: Log your service history online to record entries that include Event Title, Event Date, and Service Branch. Depending on when and where you served, you could be eligible for screenings, health exams, and registries. You can choose to share this record with your doctor.

Family History Journals: Log what you know to record information about your relatives, their relationship to you, and the health issue they experienced. For example, it’s good to know if you have a close relative with a genetic condition. You can also share this journal with your doctor.

The information you enter in your health journals is private. No one will see the entries, except you. You can choose to share information with your health care team or print and bring the journals to an appointment as a reminder of what to share.

Click on the following to take you to Track Health on MyHealtheVet.

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