Post 71 Status Update

Fellow Members of Leonard Moore Post 71,

 Post 71 continues to raise money and meet our monthly responsibilities. This would not be possible without the efforts of the Post Executive Committee (PEC). They are the Senior Leadership of Post 71 and continue to act in the interest of Post members until the Pandemic is over and we can all meet again to vote on issues impacting our members. Please contact me or any member if you have any questions or concerns.

As most of you may know the Post 71 basement was flooded when a pipe burst. The resulting moisture caused mold and mildew to develop.  Due to the problem, the social area temporarily moved to the Legion Hall.  Members continue to meet on Wednesdays around 5 pm. We continue to seek a solution to the basement contamination issue. I would like to thank Pam Meek for taking over as the Social Chairperson and leading her team.  The basement has been named “Happy Hours.”

There have been a number of repair issues and these have been handled by the Building and Grounds Chairperson – Jim Braxton and his Co-Chair Brian Collins. Thank you, team.

The lawn care team headed by Al Cotham has been very busy and cut the Post 71 grounds 20 times this year. The cost for Post 71 to pay for yard maintenance was $150 a cutting. You can see that Al’s efforts have saved us over $3,000 this year. We thank Al and his lovely wife Dev.

Post 71 has started outreach in support of our veterans. We are planning another luncheon for homeless veterans living in Hull’s Landing in Raleigh. This is an apartment project that allows Veterans to get back on their feet as they find their way back from homelessness. We plan to cover all the costs with donations. Thanks to the Legion members, the Legion Riders, and our Legion Auxiliary for all the personal time and support.

The Post has been involved in a number of fundraising efforts including the Food Fest (visited by State Commander), a new membership drive, and seeking donations. Thanks to the Legion members, the Legion Riders, and our Legion Auxiliary for all the personal time and support in these efforts.

There was a Flag Retirement Ceremony held by Post 71 recently. We had a full ceremony with an honor guard led by Past Commander Durham and Past Commander Eckerson. The Bugles Across America bugler sounded colors and the Boy Scouts headed up disposing of retired US flags. The support of many of our members, Legion Riders, Legion Auxiliary, and Boy Scouts made the Ceremony a success.

Due to the efforts of many of our Post members there will be a Sons of the American Legion forming at Post 71 soon. The new member of the Post 71 Family has selected as it’s Commander David Jones – a new member and future leader. The SAL has already set some high goals such as starting a monthly fish fry at the Post.

So, as many things are positive and moving forward in this time of China Virus, there is one issue that is still unsettled. As many of you know, the Baseball Committee Chairman refused to turn over funds in the American Legion Committee Account to the Post Financial Officer.  Since this person has transferred from Post 71, the issue has become more complicated. The Post 71 Leadership team is working with the NC American Legion Department of Internal Affairs to settle this issue. The Department conducted an audit of our records on 1 October.   We are awaiting their report before deciding what action to take.  We will keep the membership updated as events unfold.

For God and Country,

Jerry Hill, Commander
American Legion Post 71, Clayton NC