PEC Meeting 02-10-2021

Post 71 Executive Committee Zoom Meeting 02/10/2021.
Present: Acting Commander Mac McCorkle, Adjutant Paul Papineau, Treasurer Jeff Marcum, Chaplain Terry Stanberry, Historian Dick Neville, Sergeants-At-Arms Bob Gretsinger and Vinny Czepiel, and Finance Officer.
The acting Commander opened the meeting at 1803.
The Chaplin offered a prayer.
The acting Commander turned the meeting over to the JAG, Bob Gretsinger. He listed the slate of officers for the open positions. They were: Mac McCorkle for Commander, Brian Collins for 1st Vice, Pam Meek for 2nd Vice and Chip Leiner for Services Officer.
A motion was made to vote on the whole slate. 2nd received. Motion carried.
Dick Neville installed the new officers, and the meeting was turned over to the new Commander.
A motion was made to accept the changes to the C&B which had been circulated a month ago. 2nd was received. Motion carried.
The Building and Grounds Committee (Brian Collins) gave a detailed explanation of the work that had been done on the basement. Brought the electrical up to code, painting, new cabinets, installation of popcorn machine and ice maker, among other items. He stated that it still needs a few things including cleaning and a water filter to keep the sediment from discoloring the toilets and clogging the ice maker.
He will advertise for a working detail to clean the upstairs to support the next rental.
Riders reported on the Celebration of Life Service 2/24/2021 at the Freedom Biker Church in Benson.
The Finance Officer reported on legion finances and asked committees having checking accounts to look at his proposal for their monthly report to him. He asked how to handle the money donated in memory of Jerry. The suggestion was made to rename the Scholarship award to the Jerry Hill academic Scholarship. The suggestion was tabled until the details could be worked out by email.
The Chaplin reported that he still needs articles for the newsletter. He asked the new officers to send information about themselves.
The Basement committee requested that the basement be opened on the 24th. The Commander gave permission to open it if the COVID restrictions were met. The subject of upgrading the license from Brown Bag to Sell was tabled until further research could be done.
Chaplain gave a prayer and the Meeting adjourned at 1834.
Paul Papineau, Adjutant.