Flag Retirement Ceremony

You do not want to miss the Flag Retirement Ceremony on 15 Oct. 2020 @ 1730

While we may be out of COVID by then, we will plan as though we are not.    We will provide outdoor seating for up to 50 people.   For those that want to remain further isolated, we will provide car parking so you can still see the event from in your car.  The event will begin at 6 pm, so please show up at 5:30


  • Post Officers will perform the ceremony.
  • A Bugler has been arranged via Bugles Across America
  • Boy Scouts will perform the flag burning.
  • Honor Guard will fire a 3 shot rifle salute.
  • The Auxiliary will cook and serve hotdogs, soda, and water.


Honor Guard: We need one more member. So far, we have Al Cotham, Emory Howard and ??  Bo will lead. If you can help, email me at
Hotdogs, sodas, water: Auxiliary will cook and serve. It will be walk up service. We have two gift certificates for H.T.
Bugles: Bugles across America is laid on.
Boy Scouts: Bo will provide.
Flag ceremony. Jerry will officiate.
Chairs for 50. Helpers needed.
Car parker. Helpers needed.
Insect repellent. Bring your own.
Uniform: Gray slacks, white shirt, blue sport’s coat, legion fore and aft cap, legion tie.